Sunday, November 13, 2011

Feed a Family of Four for $15 a Day?

Well, that is what this video says you can do.  It does give some good tips but not really enough information to meet the claim of 12 meals for $15.  But if you follow some of the advice given previously in this blog and the advice given in this video I think you could probably do it.

Making a meal plan and sticking to it by buying only what you need for those meals is generally good advice.  However, don't pass up good sale items (regular sales, damaged goods, and stuff nearing expiration) just because it is not on your list.

71 cents for this
$3.54 for  2.3 lbs of pork
I buy beef and pork only from the discount shelf and generally get it at half price.  I can't assume there will be discounted meat on this shelf when I plan my meals.  So these are usually extra buys (not on my shopping list) and I will either eat them right away or freeze them for later.  If I eat it right away I need to adjust my menu for the week.  If it is in my freezer, then I can "Shop from my freezer" later. Both these items were purchased for just pennies above half price.  The schnitzel will be two meals worth of meat cut up in a stir fry with lots of vegetables and noodles (probably Ramen noodles @ 20 cents a package). The roast will be cooked on a Sunday for a splurge meal and then the rest sliced up for meals the rest of the week.  I'll get five day's of meals out of the roast.

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  1. $105.00 a week for a family of 2 adults and 2 children (not teenagers) is an easy, to do, goal As you mentioned planning and no waste is everything. Condiments and spices will bring up the cost but purchase these items gradually and when they are on sale. I love rice, beans and pastas to stretch a meal. Even if you didn't cook from scratch; 2 cans of beef stew poured over rice or macaroni noodles and a side serving of apple sauce will feed 4 with a satisfying and filling meal.