Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Eating Cheaply While at a Conference

A week ago I attended training at Carlisle Barracks in Pennsylvania. At the lunch break I spent over $10.00 for a tasteless, un-filling, and certainly not healthy lunch. That wouldn't do. So that night I went to the Weiss market in town (I have a Weiss shopper's card) and bought supplies to provide my own lunch.

For a little over $12.00 I bought three rotisserie chicken breasts, a block of Sharp Cheddar cheese, canned fruit, a half loaf of all-grain bread, drink powder, and cookies. This, supplemented with some items from the hotel breakfast bar fed me quite well for the rest of the week. This saved me at least $28.00 and was much healthier and tasty.

My room had a refrigerator and a microwave so I also bought food for supper. I carried the same insulated lunch bag that I use for work with a small ice pack that I refroze every night.

Every little bit helps...

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